Photography Projects

AdultSchoolLife - The Journey

The story of the non-traditional student pursuing his or her degree at an institution of higher learning has played out countless times all over the country.  Although there is a multitude of research on the challenges, struggles and successes of these students, there are few instances in which the essence of these journeys are truly captured.
This project is designed to document and share the story of the non-traditional student through visual means and answer the question of what it is like being a Nontraditional Student. This project will also be used as a tool to impact positive policy change for adult learners. More info here

Project - Through his Eyes

Guide his sight, but he will see what he wants. This credo has guided me in the parenting of my son Joshua. I have been fortunate that he has taken a liking to photography  as it has allowed us to bond through shared experience.

Whenever we get time we grab our camera bags and tripods  and try to find an adventure. His infatuation with cameras and photography has given us the opportunity to share in the joy of capturing moments together.  This project serves to capture the essence of this bond and chronicle our adventures.